Hello world!

My first blog post! I have been writing this for years now..tried several times..I guess this is the one that’s going to see the light…

I am planing to blog about my life and my work. About the good and the bad in my life. Also, I hope that I could using this blog to give back to the community that has given me so much..so many people have helped me, I’d like to give something back.

Some people will not like some of the content..actually, I might not like some of the content! I apologize for that, but once it’s here, it’s out of my system..

It’s work in progress, it will change and mutate very often, unless I get bored and drop the idea all together :)

Hello world!


  1. Hey Mohammed … I just wanted to be the first to say


  2. lolololololololeeeeeeeeee, Congratulations. You will keep going isA, It’s not a request !!! absolutely … It’s a command :D

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